About the kids from Batam (and Tawau)

— posted on July 20, 2012 11:53 AM

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    [caption id="attachment_3063" align="alignnone" width="540"] From left Nithi, Ahmad and Hendra[/caption]

    The 6th of July was the final day for our 3 interns from UTM Skudai - Nithi, Hendra and Ahmad whom had proven themselves to be a great temporary addition to our team during their stay with their energy and youthfulness.

    It is unfortunate that we have to part ways with them but the cute folks at Terato will always wish the best to all of our interns in their future endeavors.

    Let's hear some words from our darling Reza about the three slav- I mean, interns, as well as thoughts from Nithi and Hendra on Terato.


    Today we said goodbye to 3 of our interns that has been with us for the last 20 weeks. Almost immediately, I also received 3 new internship application. The first applicant sent a blank email with her resume and some forms attached. The second applicant was reverting to a questionnaire we sent earlier with nothing typed in the email but the attachment filled. The third applicant was the only one that sent in a properly written email. The two earlier applicants had higher CGPA than the third candidate but we decided to shortlist the third candidate as she clearly had an edge our Malaysian graduates lack: basic courtesy. Then I looked back at how we chose the 3 interns who are now leaving us and clearly they all went the extra mile to send in a properly written email, were very polite when we called them for an interview, studied and engaged us on various online mediums and to top it all off, they had an average CGPA of 3.7. The interns were able to do some pretty cool things here, enjoyed the free lunch (who said there is no such thing as a free lunch?), snacks, tea time and breakfast package and gained 15kg in the process, and went back home with an iPod touch each at the end of their internship program. It's all because they clearly went the extra mile that our 300 other candidates did not go to. [caption id="attachment_3064" align="alignnone" width="540"] Last movie session with departing interns.[/caption]


    I'm Nithi Surachman, a Student from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. I did my internship at Terato Tech Sdn. Bhd. I'm not that good with words to express, but I'll try my best in writing this one, as it is requested by the Boss of Terato. *smile* (ini betul smile ke forced smile ni, sayang?) During my internship at Terato, it was really fun, enjoyable, awesome, and it's unforgettable. Why? because the people are freaking awesome!! it's not just in the way they interact but also the knowledge they had. They really are professionals. Before I joined TeratoTech, I'm not  familiar with how the world of developers feel and I have never created a website using text-editor (I tend to use GUI before) and that's why I'm not that good during the first time I got to handle a project given by the Boss (I was really awful at this before). But now, I can handle it, I can finish my projects, I know more about the world of web-development, and now I prefer to use a text-editor to create a website rather than using GUI. Dude, when you're handled by professionals, you'll become like one. My days in TeratoTech are always fun, with no stress at all. I always see the other members' smile, and from the way I see it, they always trying to build up their mood if anyone is feeling down. I am thankful, really thankful that I can become a member in Terato, even though I'm just an intern. With this I want to say thank you to everyone from TeratoTech. Thanks a lot. I'm sorry if there is a mistake that I've done during the internship, and if I ever said something wrong, I'm sorry. I'll miss Terato after this, I'll miss the environment, the people, everything. The words from TeratoMan that starts the morning, the wise words from Kak Mai and Boss, the jokes that Bang Halil and Kak Mai usually make, poor Hasyimi who always smile when he they both pick on him, hehee.. Kak Zara who always smile nicely, Bang Azril and Bang Helmi who are nice to talk to and learn from. And all the fun members, Calvin, Muzakkir, Hijazi, Bang Asyraf, Bang Amin, Bang Hafizul, Bang Fadli, and Jake. You all are fun people. In the end, I want to say thank you to all of you, thanks a lot for all this time and last but not least, I wish Terato good luck! A great success, not just nationally, but also Internationally!


    Twenty weeks has passed by so quickly, and with it, my internship has come to an end. The past 20 weeks has been very fun, I learned a lot, played a lot, and maybe did a little worked in between. Lots of thanks to the members of Terato for giving me an internship experience  filled with so much fun, for giving me the opportunity to do my internship at Terato in the first place, teaching me so much things, and preparing tons of goodies to eat every now and then.
    I think I enjoyed every day of the past 20 weeks, from coding stuffs, movie nights, lunch box Thursday, all the way to Street Fighter sessions which often extend way too long past the lunch hour. Special Thanks to Mr.Halil my supervisor for dealing with our practical training stuffs and also for being funny. Another special thanks to everyone else for being awesome!
    Thanks so much Terato!

    And just for fun, let's celebrate the arrival of our sole new intern, Sergio with a video he picked for us. Going that extra mile really makes all the difference. We love you too.

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