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— posted on May 15, 2012 2:30 PM

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    [caption id="attachment_2724" align="alignnone" width="540"] Cuteness[/caption] Thank you! It has been two weeks since we officially released Adam Dream to the Apple App Store. We received various kind of feedbacks and inputs from users. Mostly the feedbacks were promising and it give us real motivation to do more updates and stuff for the game. We would like to share with you some of Adam Dream reviews we found on the net.
    Ulasan : Permainan Adam Dream Daripada Terato TechDalam banyak-banyak aplikasi yang dihasilkan oleh pembangun tempatan, salah satu yang terbaru adalah Adam Dream. Adam Dream merupakan salah satu aplikasi untuk iPad yang dihasilkan oleh Terato Tech, menawarkan permainan berbentuk pendidikan, memfokuskan kepada penggunaan masalah Matematik, dan pada masa yang sama membawakan jalan cerita yang menarik.
    via Amanz
    jooeeeyyyy: Adam Dream: Numbers Nightmarei'm good in a lot of things, good at being lame, good at being loud, good at not being able to cook anything, good at sleeping, good at talking nonsense, good at being cute :3 but honestly i'm not extremely awesome in any ONE thing... except math! so amazing hor?
    kimchi is love: App Review: Adam Dream Numbers NightmareWhile the bf has been busy (more like obsessed) playing his Batman Arkham City on his new computer, I downloaded a new game to keep myself entertained :p Adam Dream: Numbers Nightmare I guess from the title "Numbers Nightmare" you would have guessed that this game has something to do with numbers (which you're right) and I've always enjoyed arcade/puzzle game that requires some arithmetic skills!
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