Beautiful Goodbye?

— posted on July 17, 2011 11:19 AM

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    [caption id="attachment_2123" align="alignnone" width="540"] Now you know which one is Aqilah, right?[/caption] The big-rounded watch hung on the white painted wall in the office ticks each day, ticking without fail, indicating lesser time I got to spend with the awesome people at Terato Tech. The long waits finally come to its end. Yeah, Friday was the last day for me, being the intern for this cool company. And I am clearly know that deep inside my heart, I'm gonna miss all the times I had at Terato. From doing the code for iteractive and other web-related task, under the supervision of one of the gorgeous lady in Terato, which is Kak Mai as well as the live era's radio Halil and Azril the man with tremendous experience about the server, to the moment I spent debating on proper words (*smirk at Helmi & smile to Kak Zara), to the part of secretly admiring the result of graphic's team which are Salih, Pijoy, Amin as well as Shidi. Not to forget the moments where Ashraf kept on complaining about not receiving the email notification from iteractive, as well as the shy shy japanese cat Hijazi who always smiling whenever we tease him about someone(*zipped mouth), and the funny Henzman who always talked about joining the Maharaja Lawak competition and tease  Calvin afterwards which made the latter sometimes have a confused look. And above all, I also will always remember the moment where the beloved and awesome boss, Mr.Reza inspired us with his story about reality in life. I will try my best not to forget all those moments ^^. Anyway, I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and extend my heartfelt gratitude to Mr.Reza for accepting me to be a part of TeratoTech (as a trainee though) for the past 32 weeks. Not to forget the web team, Kak Mai especially as I had learn a lot about php from them, big thanks to you and the team :) . Thanks a lot to Kak Zara and the rest,for being co-operative and helping  me throughout the 8 months I been there. [caption id="attachment_2124" align="alignnone" width="540"] The goodbye lunch. As usual.[/caption] Well, I think this is the exact time I need to stop typing on this keyboard. There's no need for me to explain all the benefits I received from the company (all those free lunch, Xbox Kinect, movie day out , farewell gift and stuffs), since I believe most of the previous interns already mention them in their posts previously. Hehehehe. This is it, I would like to end my emotional post by asking forgiveness from all of you for all the wrongdoings or the words I spilled that might hurt your feelings. I am a normal human, so doing mistakes is not an exception. Bout this post, I would like to say sorry if you didn't like my description, because I just typed the words that lingering on my mind while typing this post.. Forgive me okay :P Last but not least, again you guys were the hunches of cool guys and awesome ladies I ever met and being an intern for Terato Tech is one of the best thing ever happened in my life! Bye~~ (Sorry for my bad grammar and i glad that i wasn't there to hear the laughter when you guys read this post).

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