From the net: Browser War!

— posted on April 7, 2010 9:49 AM

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    Hey Guys, I've found about this article here at My Own Personal Browser War. An interesting piece to read. Maybe we should take it as a guide for us the developer when creating something useful for the world.

    "I’ve been a pretty die-hard Firefox fan since its birth, and really even before that. Firefox spawned from Mozilla, which arose out of the cinders of Netscape, which was the next progression of Mosaic, the first real browser – and I used them all."

    So, what will be your choice? Me personally choose Safari above all other browsers as it have all the assisting tools I need for doing my job (programming, creating websites) obviously. While it still has some flaws (could someone make an IE viewer add-on for me?), Firefox has always been reliable and offer much more than others.

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