Computer Science Education Week 2014

— posted on December 12, 2014 12:45 PM

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    CSEdWeek_logo_square_red_RGB Why technology so important? It connects us. When we think about what if, it disappears just for few seconds, so much can already happen. Technology is everywhere, entwined in almost every part of our lives. It affects how we shop, socialize, connect, play, and most importantly learn. With so much of a tiny 1cm cube micro SD card can do today, compared to its capability beyond possibilities 10 years ago. On that note, maybe we should start thinking of preparing the world for the next century. cloud-computing Computing is a fundamental part of daily life, commerce, and just about every occupation in our modern economy. Take a look around (if lazy, it’s right in front of you), computing devices are making life simpler, easier and faster, in fact, some can’t even live without it (me especially, I will lose my job). In accordance to that, programming skills are becoming ever more important, quickly turning into the core competency for all kinds of 21st Century careers. Well saying that, according to , out of all vast fields in engineering, software engineering conquered more than one third of all engineering jobs in the US as of October this year. Not just that, computer science opens more doors for students than any other discipline in today’s world. Learning even the basics will help students in virtually any career, from architecture to zoology. Just as we teach students how to dissect a frog, or how electricity works, it’s important for every 21st century student to have a chance to “dissect an app,” or learn how the Internet works. It not only teaches them about technology, it also teaches them how to think differently about any problem. Computer science puts students on the path toward some of the highest paying, fastest growing jobs Worldwide. image Well, if some of you might not know, this week is a Computer Science Education Week (December 8 - 14). It aims to recognize the transformative role of computing and the need to bolster computer science education. In conjunction to that, we will try as best as we can to encourage people to code. The target is to reach 100 million people accomplishing the hour of code. Give yourself a try to code through simple tutorials. Go to try code with pride and joy. Watch the video follows even celebrities codes this week. :D

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