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— posted on April 11, 2010 1:47 AM

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    When it comes to technology, we at Terato Tech are always excited to be apart of emerging technologies. The iPad, is no exception.

    It looks like an enlarged iPod Touch. Placed side by side with an iPhone, even the appeals and slick curves of the iPhone quickly wears off, the iPad is a clear winner in the design department. And to think that until now the iPhone design is still the industry's barometer, this is setting a new record. The design speaks of Dieter Ram's philosophy of good design, the device itself is just a piece of glass and aluminium, it's an empty canvas, prepared to be enhanced by thousand of functionality from apps. How big is Big?

    If one were to ask, how large does a phone needs to be. It is no mistake, that Apple has once again found the perfect size.

    Jokes aside, while we were developing iPhone apps, we always tried to maximize the usability of an app by adding functions and more functions into it. However, after a certain period of time, we realized three problems : - Functions need to be accessed in a way, either a menu or a button. - Menu's with too many options kills our eyes. - Too many buttons confuses the user. Therefore, in the end, we stripped the app to the bare minimum. Just enough to provide users what they want, and enough features for those who wanted to take it a little further. But still, our hunger to provide more in an app remains. Until now..

    The iPad provides just enough screen estate to allow more functions to exist, without making the screen look too crowded. And we tried porting our apps to it. What we saw on the screen. Blew. Our. Minds.

    With so much untapped possibilities in the iPad, we can't love our iPad more. And really, the pictures really speaks of our passion for it.

    Math Maniac HD, CIMB Clicks HD, Halal HD, Qalvinius HD. HD. HD. HD. HD!

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