Farewell Message from our interns: Lim, John and Amirah

— posted on March 25, 2013 11:52 AM

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    [caption id="attachment_3591" align="alignnone" width="540"]Can you find John, Lim and Amirah in the photo? Can you find John, Lim and Amirah in the photo?[/caption]

    Hello Monday! Well, it should be another busy week for the team at Terato tech. Some of us even have to work on weekend just to make sure some of you could sleep well and live well.

    Anyway, several weeks ago, we had a farewell celebration for some of our now ex-colleagues at Alamanda. And, some of them especially the interns from Lim Kok Wing have wrote some cute message for the team. Without further due,

    We would like to first thank Mr. Reza Razali for giving us a chance to do our internship at Terato Tech Sdn.Bhd. and also Mr. Henzman for calling us and handling our application to Terato. It was a great and fun experience working there. The people there are really nice and helpful. Even the food is great. Thank you for all the delicious and free food. We managed to gain a couple of kilos! We would also like to thank everyone in Terato Tech for making the office such a fun and cheerful environment. The working environment there is very unique. There is a small pantry where we could cook something to eat. An Xbox360 is available in the office for games during breaks. If we got too tired from working, we could take a short nap on the comfortable bean bag chairs during our lunch break. For a short internship that lasted only 3 months, we gained a lot of valuable work experience. The best part was that we got to know a lot of talented people who are kind and helpful. We would especially like to thank Mr. Ashraf, Fadli, Calvin, Hasyimi and Hijazi for their guidance on our game programming. Without their help, we would not have made as much progress in our game prototype as we did. Lastly, we would also like to thank Restoren YFK Selera and its crew for their delicious food every day. The Roti Jala was especially delicious. Again, a very huge thank you to Henzman and those who organized a farewell party for us. The farewell party was really a memorable night and we will always remember you guys when someone mentions Die Hard. Sadly, after three months of working as interns at Terato Tech, it was time for us to say farewell. It was a bittersweet departure as we were both excited about starting our next semester as well as sad about leaving our Terato family. Hopefully, this would not be our last meeting and may we meet again someday in the future. We wish Terato Tech all the best in the future, and may the organization have great success. We will be checking the app store for the next great Terato App. Take care, our beloved Terato family.

    Thanks for the message. Hopefully, this will give the buzz out to every potential candidates out there about the possibilities that you could reached when you join the team at Terato tech. Our internship program is open for the whole year and currently we're looking to add up to our June and September program.

    You can try by sending your resume, portfolio and results transcripts to [email protected]

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