GREAT 2014 with Terato Tech

— posted on September 9, 2014 12:19 PM

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    GreatTEMP-mainterato Learn about our tutors: Terato Tutors at Great 2014 (From Great main website)

    GREAT™ is THE ultimate gathering of Malaysian entrepreneurs, startups and funders. Get access to a great network of likeminded talents, great knowledge and insight and of course, super great funding for your innovative ideas!

    This 4-day festival allows aspiring entrepreneurs to tap into and interact with the ecosystem. The first ever entrepreneur gathering held in Malaysia, GREAT™ 2014 not only promises an assembly of industry experts, technologists but also public and private funders!

    Terato tech as one of the sweetest guy in mobile development industry in Malaysia, would like to offer all of you 3 (YES THREE!) during the event.

    THE COURSES IS FREE and OPEN TO ALL from AGE 15 (we guess it's on cuti sekolah as well right?)  AND ABOVE. DO BRING YOUR OWN LAPTOP! Anyway...


    RAPID 3D PROTOTYPING -click to register

    3D Prototyping or 3D is relatively something new in town but we're quite interested to explore it more and share with you what we have found during our journey to the centre of the Makerboting.

    If you're interested in 3D Modelling and printing, click the link!


    MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT-click to register

    We will have someone cool to teach you about mobile app development and his name is Helmi.

    If you're someone who interested to build your own instagram or Camera360 (uhuh), please do come over, there's lot of knowledge to be shared, lot of friends to build your network and it's ALL FREE! Click. The. Link.


    MOBILE GAME DEVELOPMENT-click to register

    Ahh last but not least, mobile game development!

    Ever curious how the famous Flappy or Angry Bird made their way first time to the App or Play Store? Our chap Shah from the neatest game development studio, Accurve will help you on that.

    All you need to do is just click the above link, register, to start your own journey to endless possibilities.

    See you all there!

    Learn about our tutors: Terato Tutors at Great 2014

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