10 Helpful Blogs & Resources Every iOS Beginners Should Know

— posted on April 3, 2015 4:26 PM

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    ioscoder Aside from  the referring to official iOS documentation and obviously Stack Overflow, I usually refer to some other blogs and websites to understand Cocoa framework better and to learn best practices when using the API. So today, I would like to share some of the blogs and resources that I currently subscribe to. Hopefully, some of them will help you to become a better iOS developer in the future.



    1. objc.io

    Founded by Chris Eidhof, Daniel Eggert, and Florian Kugler, this blog cover some of the best practises and advanced technical topics relevant for all iOS developers. The topics covered by them can be quite daunting and heavy for a beginner, but just stick with it.  Try to read and reread it on your free time and I'm sure sooner or later you'll come to understand it.

    2. NSHipster

    Started by Mattt Thompson, creator of the most popular HTTP networking library AFNetworking, this blog covers the overlooked bits in Objective-C, Swift and Cocoa. Most of the articles in there is written in a very lucid style and medium length. Oh, did I mention that it is updated weekly and curated by some of the best developers in the world?

    3. NSBlog

    This blog is written by Mike Ash, some guy. It is covered in a Q&A style, where he answers the questions asked by the readers. Yes, most of the articles in there is quite bizarre and to be honest I only manage to finish only a few articles. But hey, you still need to learn every nook and cranny of iOS development and this blog is just the right place to learn it.

    4. Deallocated Objects

    I stumbled upon this blog recently and I must say, it's pretty good. Written by Jake Marsh, this blog does not only cover development process but also cover design process and stuff that you probably never heard of

    5. Peter Steinberger Blog

    Also another blog that I recently come across. This blog was written by the guy who develop PSPDFKit, Peter Steinberger. Most of the blog post is a detail solutions of the problem that he came across while developing for PSPDFKit. I found it interesting to see the thought process and how he tackles the problems in developing PSPDFKit.



    6. pttrns

    Curated by Robin Raszka, this is my go to website whenever I need some design inspiration. It have the finest collections of app screenshot that might inspire you to create a beautiful UI. The contents are filtered by categories such as Login and Activity feed, so you can learn on how the other apps laid out their UI for each actions easily.

    7. CAPPTIVATE.co

    Another website that I go to get a dose of inspirations. Unlike pttrns, CAPPTIVATE.co take it to the next level by capturing and preserve the app animations. If you like animations in mobile apps, then I totally recommended it.

    8. Ray Wenderlich

    I am sure you probably know about Ray Wenderlich, but I just want to include it anyway. It is a great resources for every iOS developers out there. They have tutorials that is suitable for developers of every level and not to mention, they have a really good podcast where they talk about various topics of interest for app developers.



    9. iOS Dev Weekly

    Curated by Dave Verwer, this newsletter is published every Friday to your email. The contents is hand picked by him and covers the best iOS development links every week. To add more, he also add some nice commentaries regarding the topics of the content.

    10. iOS Goodies

    Like iOS Dev Weekly, iOS Goodies curated some of the best links that covers the ins and outs of iOS developments. The links are categorised by specific interests such as Tools, Business, UI/UX, Must Read, etc. From my experience, I really love their contents as it gives me a great way to catch up with what's happening around in the world of iOS development.

    That's it. I'm sure that I miss a lot of great blogs & resources in this short post. So, if you have any blog or resources that you might think might be a great additions, share it on the comment sections below. :)

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