HHB iOS Tips: Send Enterprise app Distribution

— posted on January 8, 2015 10:14 AM

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      Apple-Posts-Xcode-3-2-1-Developer-Tools-Download-2 The other day, I was pulling my leg off because I had an issue to one of my client’s device cannot install app I distributed. So, we had an application that distribute over the air (OTA) by using enterprise certificate. We have created our own web service and hosted inside back in 2011. But now, we are in need to re-compile and re-distribute using latest XCode (mine was 6.1.1). But the problem occurred on several issue and I fixed most of them. Here are some tips:
    1. Since iOS7, all enterprise server site, must have valid SSL (https).
    2. iOS8 must come with display-image and full-size-image. (I’m not sure this is mandatory, but I added anyway).
    3. Make sure using correct provisioning profile.
    4. Fix some of the device on iOS8, change buddle identifier. See below
    All our clients iPad mini (iOS 8) having trouble downloading. After my client click download, nothing happened. I was curious and check it myself. After googling around, I found this fix on Stackoverflow. You need to change your bundle identifier in manifest from com.teratotech.myapp to com.teratotech.myapp.ios8fix. See below the full manifest.plist file: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/3f55f841c7f4e6de1e4b Any thoughts? Leave you comments in the form below or you can find me directly on Facebook logo Facebook.com/helmihasanbaraja and Social twitter bird symbol Twitter.

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