IFTTT Automation In KitaJaga.co

Development— posted on May 23, 2022 4:40 PM

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    If This, Then That

    IFTTT is a platform that allows user to connect their apps with other existing apps from all around the world including Facebook, Instagram, Google and Twitter. It is mainly used to automate services by creating a trigger that can be received from the connected apps and do something about it.

    How IFTTT Works?

    • IFTTT available as a website and mobile app for both IOS and Android devices.
    • Users have to create an account first before being able to integrate with the services in the IFTTT.
    • Once an account is created, users are able to create an automation task by creating an Applets from the IFTTT dashboard.
    IFTTT available in website and mobile app

    Key Features Of IFTTT

    1. Easy to set up and maintain
    • IFTTT provides an in-depth documentation along with detailed information on how to integrate with the platform.
    • Each step is defined clearly with intuitive UI/UX to ease the user’s process during the integration.
    Creating an automation task from a simple click

    2. Access to more than 700 integrated services

    • At the time of writing, there are over 700 global companies that use IFTTT as a fully integrated service with their system.
    • Each of these services is categorized across 35 different types of industries (e.g business, education, government and more)
    Photo by IFTTT

    3. Publish connected features to our apps

    • IFTTT allows users to have compatibility and control with one-tap automation features.
    Photo by IFTTT

    4. Reporting and analytics

    • Users are able to automate reporting and analytics easier using other users’ created services.
    Photo by IFTTT
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    KitaJaga.co App

    KitaJaga.co is a web application that is built to help people who are in need by providing them the ability to raise a flag. This flag pinpoints their location which then they can specify what kind of help they are needed.

    Landing page of KitaJaga.co app

    We faced a gap in how to let the public know whenever there is a people who need help around them. Thus, we take steps to announce these white flags on our main social media platform which is Twitter. 

    How Does IFTTT Automation Works In KitaJaga.co App?

    At the time of writing, we have created two different types of triggers to start with for our automation task.

    1. A white flag was created

    In KitaJaga.co, a white flag represents a people who need help. This trigger will be activated whenever there is a new white flag raised in KitaJaga.co app.

    2. A blue flag was created

    In contrast to a white flag, a blue flag represents a people who offer help. This trigger works the same as the trigger above but only applies to a blue flag.

    Triggers created for KitaJaga.co app

    Once we created the trigger, we can simply create our automation task from the IFTTT dashboard and choose from over 700 services that we want to integrate with.

    As for our case, we chose to integrate with the Twitter platform which allows us to automatically create a new tweet whenever the trigger is activated.

    Let’s take a look at how IFTTT triggers Twitter to create a new tweet whenever a new flag is raised in KitaJaga.co app below:

    How IFTTT works in KitaJaga.co app

    What Can Be Done In Future With IFTTT?

    1. Expand the automation of KitaJaga.co app to other social media platforms such as Facebook pages and Instagram to gather more public attention.

    2. Generate a report automatically for any project by integrating with reporting platform in IFTTT.

    3. Automate an email campaign to the subscribed user without having to develop it from the code.

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