Introducing Forest Fables for iPad

— posted on March 25, 2011 5:55 PM

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    [caption id="attachment_1802" align="alignnone" width="540" caption="Click the image to view the iTunes link."][/caption] Ladies and gentleman, We are proud to present you Terato tech latest product:

    Forest Fables an interactive storybooks for iPad

    Description from iTunes page:
    Far off in the Eastern Forest when legends and myth were still tales of the present comes many stories of a world where animals from different species live in harmony, thinking that the recently departed King Solomon was still ruling. Living under the recently more lax enforcement of the just king's laws, their greed eventually tears them apart, dividing everyone and forcing the smaller animals to live in fear of the bigger animals.The jungle is no longer the idyllic home they once knew; it is now full of hatred and uncertainty. Everything finally changes for the better when one of the animals steps up, embarking on a journey to bring back the forest's halcyon days. This is a collection of the timeless tales of Sang Kancil and his friends. Forest Fables is a collection of stories from The East, consisting of several rewritten tales of good and evil for children and the whole family. The stories are visualized with in-depth, detailed illustrations, soothing background music, cute interactive features and bilingual narrations. In addition, new perspectives of some stories are brought forth to give it a fresh appeal. We encourage and recommend users to download the whole saga as the individual stories are intertwined with each other, giving readers a sense of familiarity in a world they know. Forest Fables is a fun, adventurous take on timeless tales promising an engaging experience for the whole family.
    Currently there are 3 titles on the bookshelf. A story on "Sang Kancil and Crocodile", "A Crow and a Vain Pigeon" and "Vengeful Fox's Bitter Lesson". With audio narrations in English and Bahasa Melayu by some of the well known artist from Malaysia. We will put more info about the product in coming days. To view the product, please follow the link: Forest fables iTunes link

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