Introducing Match & Meet, find your soul mates

— posted on February 21, 2013 3:37 PM

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    [caption id="attachment_3540" align="alignnone" width="540"]main_banner_MandM Find your match![/caption] Seriously in love? Terato in association with Celcom proudly present you Match & Meet, the sweetest and most honest dating app ever invented. Yes, it's a dating app and no, we're not matching you with somebody else based on the way you looks. From the app desctiption: Match & Meet, or M&M, (nope, not related to any yummy colorful candies out) is a delicious DATING app that will finally (and hopefully) end your partner/lover/associate/soulmate drought. M&M is very simple to use because everything you ever imagined in a dating app is already here. All you have to do is register, activate, search... and Voila! You're good to go! Whether you are looking for that elusive soul mate or someone for the friend-zone (naughty you!), M&M lets you take your pick by bringing some fun and love into your lif. On Match and Meet, individuals are matched via their zodiac signs and birth year compatibility; no more endlessly browsing for candidates through thousands (or in some cases, millions) of pictures! Unlock achievements after going through certain milestones in a stage-by-stage development tier in your relationship until you can one day be the KING. screen_1 screen_2 Currently the app is available through Google Play and later should be available through the Apple App Store. So, what you waiting for? The app is FREE. To get your first match is FREE and maybe, if you're really lucky, you will find your soulmate after few clicks. You never know. android-app-on-google-play-01  

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