Iphone Vs Android Vs Blackberry

— posted on March 12, 2010 5:44 PM

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    I have a little chit chat and comparison here to discuss and share with you guys. As already well known in our ears, mobile telecommunication has widely improved and becoming increasingly significant. Iphone, Android, and BlackBerry; even though they share the same functions (as mobile phones) or smart phones, to be exact, it is more fun when we compare the popularity of those in internet.

    OK, let's look at their history. Black Berry was released in 1998 by a company from Canada, Research In Motion which is at first was only for corporations and were lated developed by RIM. iPhone was marketed and released by Apple Inc in 2007, and Android is the operating system developed by Android Inc, and later purchased by Google in 2005. Android has been quite familiar with many mobile phones as operating system, for example, Motorola. Its new release as a product by google android can be seen in the Nexus One. Age-wise, the Black Berry is older than the others.

    Now, lets have a look on comparison from these 3 gadgets (refer : Google Trends):


    And here are the top 10 Iphone Usage in the world :

    Now try guess,what is the top language used for iPhone apps ?  If your answer was English, you're wrong.


    and top languages used in the apps


    The top 3 languages for blackberry surprised me:

    And when we see overall statistic, iPhone has more users than the others. But this one doesn't change the fact that anything can happen in the future.

    I hope my review will help you guys, especially for other developers :D.

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