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— posted on February 26, 2014 2:24 PM

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    [caption id="attachment_4818" align="alignnone" width="540"]This is a MacBook. Air. This is a MacBook. Air.[/caption] So we sometimes heard stories from people around us about how they lost their MacBook/notebook/smartphones and it seems like a trend nowadays that we only take action when the bad things happened. Anyway, we're not really an expert on this privacy/security/catch the thief subject but several days ago our team shared some articles that might be helpful:
    1. Feb 2013 article by Macworld on how to protect your devices in public places. [Don't get Apple picked: How to protect your Mac from theft in public places] protectyourmac-100026161-gallery
    2. Oct 2012 article by Tutplus discussing on how to prevent your devices from opportunists such as thieves. [How to Keep Your MacBook Safe: Theft Prevention and Recovery Tactics] k-lock
    3. Backtrack to 2010 when AppStorm shares several softwares/apps that might be useful to anti-theft purposes. [Keeping Your Mac Secure: 4 Great Theft-Recovery Apps] undercover1
    4. Last but not least from PreyProject on how to password protect your files. [How to password protect your files and allow guest access] 1
    Obviously, what we shared here are just few ways (yes, tiny bit) of how you can find back your MacBook or protect your devices from thieves and bad guys. The most important point is prevention always better than cure(ing?) so be very careful and thoughtful about your own stuff. Bear in mind thieves are opportunists and they're everywhere.

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