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— posted on February 10, 2010 11:13 AM

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    For Developers like us, when we develop a game we need to submit online requirement such as online scores. It challenges users to try reach and be at the top/high-scores. Offline game is quite a bore now. With everything easily accessible online now, global scores for players to submit their score in our games will add to the excitement factor. There are several servers provided, free and paid for. Here, I review 3 online scoring system which is free and easy to apply to our games.

    COCOS LIVE [caption id="attachment_51" align="aligncenter" width="192"] Cocos Live[/caption]

    Cocos2D engine offers a handy and easy API to solve online requirements. Cocos Live is hosted in Google App Engine.

    Cosos2D engine is for developing 2d game and application, and both Cocos2D and CocosLive are free for use. Although if a game uses more than its allocated quota, they have to pay some money (of course, when a game has achieved some success, you would have to pay for service :D).


    • Submitting and getting the scores (obviously)
    • Filtering scores by different parameters (time intervals)
    • Export results to XML
    • Convenient automated token and device ID based authentication, transparent for end user, no need to ask for login/password
    • Gravatars support
    • Web interface for game owners to control the high score tables and admin them
    • Multiple game modes supported (different tables)
    • Custom fields - you may add custom high score types unique for your game
    • Facebook connectivity coming soon
    • Country flags - the system detects user's country and displays their flag
    • Own score highlighted

    IgetScore is free of use.


    Last but hardly least, Agon provides profile, friends, award and scores, all in one, stored and shared across all AGON Games (imagine like Facebook games). People who want to store and share their score must have an Agon account which is free to register.

    Here are the features of Agon Online according to their website:

    • Online, Geo-tagged high scores (tamper proof, of course!)
    • Including Google Maps integration
    • Awards (aka Achievements)
    • Player profiles, shared across all games
    • Friends list (with Facebook integration)
    • Cross promotion of your game – in other games and on Facebook!
    • Online/offline management
    • Scalable server infrastructure

    There are many scores online provide out there, its depend on us to integrate what will be most suitable for our games. Best of all, it's free of charge :).

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