Steve Jobs (1955-2011)

— posted on October 6, 2011 10:29 AM

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    [caption id="attachment_2260" align="alignnone" width="540" caption="The Hero indeed! (1955-2011)"][/caption] Dear Friends, Chairman of the Apple company and former CEO, Steve Jobs has left us earlier today. Obviously he is the inspiration for the inception of our organisation, Terato tech and surely his legacy will be the sources for our inspiration in everyday tasks and innovation. Steve Jobs will be remembered as a great inventor, entrepreneur and even speaker in his time. His departure that caused by 8 years battle with cancer, will leave a really big empty space to be filled. Sir Steve, you will be missed. Some words from your children at Terato tech: Reza F. Dear Steve,
    You have enabled a lot of people like your truly to live the life they want plus make an awesome living out of your vision, We owe you a lot Thank you Steve Jobs!
    Reza H.
    Icon.Leader.Magician. Farewell Steve Jobs you will be greatly missed. Zara Steve, You definitely will be missed immensely. Although you're not here, your spirit & inventions will continue to inspire us. "You got to find what you love. If you dont find it, keep looking, dont settle. Do what you love & love what you do" -Steve Jobs Azril He is the IT front end genius who catalyst the adaptation of new IT technology with his inventions. Helmi
    Your visionary and creative genius will keep inspire us. You'll be remembered through your inventions.
    "Stay Hungry, Stay foolish, and Don't settle." -Steve Jobs
    So sad to know that Steve has leave us but surely, his spirit are still here to inspire us. Thank you Steve.
    Calvin Steve,
    You will always be remembered as an innovator, a visionary, and the world's greatest entertainer. Your achievements have brought joy to people of all ages.
    From the animations of Pixar that all kids enjoy, to the amazing iPod, iPhone and Macbooks that made technology an enjoyable experience for everyone. The world is a better place because of you. Thank you and R.I.P Steve Jobs.
    We will miss you Steve. Thank you for being our idol and greatest innovators that change the world technology.
    Steve was among the greatest of American innovators. Hijazi For me he is a legendary person, he perfected Apple up to now. So Apple can be survived in a long run, but need more innovation to come. Go #.

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