Thanks Terato Team (from Hidayah)

— posted on May 21, 2011 1:19 PM

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    [caption id="attachment_1988" align="alignnone" width="540" caption="Follow the arrow to find Hidayah."][/caption] (A farewell piece by Hidayah. Nicely done. Minimal editing required.) I was glad because given the chance to undergo my practical training in Terato Tech for 20 weeks.  Working with Terato team is the best experience I ever had.  A lot of new things I learn here.  All of the experiences I get here will be the guidence for my career in the future. Everyone here are so friendly and jovial.  Everyday, it is like weird day if there is no joke or laughing voice in the office.  Eventhough I am here as intern, staff at Terato never ever treat me like an intern.  They treat us, the interns just like their own team.  Everyone here are like closed-family and always make joke among each other.  But, in doing their job, they are superb and always make sure the job done are perfect as requested by client or staff in Terato Tech.  Whenever I have a doubt and don’t understand something regarding anything, I had always be pleased to ask staff here and they are always pleasant to answered the question. The awesome thing in Terato Tech is, the meals is free.  Thank you boss for treating us tea break at 10am, lunch and hi-tea at 4pm.  Besides the meals, playing kinect in office also the awesome thing.  I don’t think I can get this experience again.  Thanks goes to boss. Thank you very much to boss for treating us wathcing fast5 and farewell dinner at KRR alamanda for us.  It was great and perfect.  Thanks for the gift, it will be one of my precious thing.  Thanks to team at Terato Tech for being awesome team. Lastly, For game team, keep develop awesome game! For creative team, your artwork are awesome!  I’m super impressed with your job guys! For web team, keep make awesome system! For iphone team, keep develop awesome application! For boss, keep being the awesome boss in the world! To aqilah, bye2 dear.. helmi, tolong jaga aqilah k.. kesian dia tinggal sorang-sorang.. Thanks to all.. -hidayah

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