Tips to Ease your Development Life Part 1

— posted on February 17, 2015 10:52 AM

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    iphone I've been around in mobile development for 4 years now. Not to brag here, but I can say that I'm good at what I do. However, as time goes by, more and more knowledge and skills are required, not just developing an app, but how you are going to furnish, market, maintain the product and so on. If I was to ask myself, Am I good in developing apps ? I'd say Yes, but how about my design skills, marketing, backend system, CMS, server, etc. Well yes, maybe some, but not all. This is what I find difficult sometimes when doing some of our projects. This is what I faced last year, when I was proposing to develop a fitness app : Move & Burn. I was able to complete the project with the help of my colleague, Ahmad Sakata. I intended to create promotional ads and videos which can be used to attract people. I proposed this to our designer, but it would take too much of his time as he already had many on going projects with clients. I'll explain what website/system that can help you to speed and furnish your application (with low cost), see below my real experience while developing Move & Burn. : I always encourage my apprentice to ease their development tasks. There are many open source library that can help you speed your development, for iOS, this is my favourite site. I always open at least once a week to check what's new. I've used 8 projects from this site, check here. It's good also to promote your app to developers :). : To buy images, I bought several from about $5 each. see one example below after edited : mb1, This site offers you many services starting from $5. Here I managed to buy a pretty impressive video ad which only cost me $10. see below : From I also bought $5 to share about Move & Burn in social media, Facebook share : index3 Twitter share : unnamed : App statistic is very important. To know how well your app performs, check how your customers behave inside app and more. plus it is free, you may check also google analytic as alternative. see below of event statistic Move & Burn, you can see Settings and Achievement modules is the most viewed inside our app : Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 7.46.12 PM So those are the 5 websites that helped me in a few different ways from development, design and marketing. Feel free to drop any feedback, or maybe you have some preferred / favourite / useful site that you wan to share ? I'd be happy to know about that. Part 2 coming, but not so soon :) If you have any questions regarding this article or any kind of development enquiry, feel free to leave your comments below.  Thanks.

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