Tokyo Game Show 2013, Day 1

— posted on September 20, 2013 4:56 PM

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    [caption id="attachment_4039" align="alignnone" width="540"]TOKYO GAME SHOW 2013 TOKIYO![/caption]

    So, let us share some pictures from Tokyo during the first day of the Tokyo Game Show 2013.

    As we didn't get any details or news on what happened there from our team, maybe the following images would help to tell the story.

    More info on the event: [gallery link="file" ids="4030,4031,4018,4019,4014,4034,4032,4016,4015,4017,4033,4029,4012,4013,4011,4028,4027,4024,4026,4025,4023,4022,4021,4020"]

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