Tokyo Game Show and What it is all about by Hijazi

— posted on September 28, 2012 9:00 AM

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    [caption id="attachment_3273" align="alignnone" width="540"] I am very small.[/caption] On Sept 2012, we had an amazing journey to Japan. Reza and I (Hijazi) went to Japan particularly for participate Tokyo Game Show 2012. We show up with other 3 companies for "Malaysia Game Studios" booth located at Hall 3, next to other booths from Indonesia, Iran and Taiwan. The booth shared with Fun & Coll Ventures, Lemon Sky Animation and Sherman3D company and the location is actually pretty near to Sega Apps's booth as well. Special thanks to the organiser giving us a place there. Beside having a booth there, we also had a visit to DeNA 'futuristic' designed office in Shibuya, since we have a relationship with the Japanese social mobile game publisher and developer company. So here we go with the timeline of being in Japan in a short period of time. On 19 Sept 2012, Reza and I have departed from KLIA for Japan at 11am and arrived at Narita at 5 pm (Japan time). From Narita we took about 1 hour to the hotel by bus (JPY 1100 per ticket). We stayed at Francs Hotel, very near to the venue with 5 minutes walking, which is good so we can focus a lot for TGS ;P. It is also near to Kaihimmakuhari Station, so we can go around the Tokyo area easily. The Tokyo Game Show venue is called Makuhari Messe, where other big shows such Tokyo Motor Show is also exhibited. [caption id="attachment_3275" align="alignnone" width="540"] We are all Malaysian. We come here to conquer![/caption] Tokyo Game Show has two parts: Business days (20 - 21 September) where only invited person can come visit, and Public days basically for anyone. Tickets are sold for JPY 1,200 per day. Well, as exhibitor we are there for the most days of the event. From 20th Sept till 22nd September. Most of the events is focused of having discussion with other businesses. And not forgotten to lets visitor to try our games. We were showing games such Adam Dream : Math Maniac, Death Fotress and also Amok. Amok is coming very soon. And we definitely love to see how people react with the game. Seemed they like them. We also had a chance to visit DeNA office The office is located at the brand-new building called Hikari-e near to Shibuya station. It's 'futuristic' designed office, pretty similar design to the new Tokyo Skytree tower. The visit has given us a new perspective of how a company developing games. We got the idea that on the smartphone industry we have to deliver contents for both for iOS and Android. We had a tour to their game development offices, and what can I say, they are so much bigger than ours and looked very efficient (e.g they have one whiteboard per team and also equipped with the external monitors). Um, we also learnt so-called how-to from them as well, but of course we need to do some homework like try X or Y games. For seeking more knowledge we went to some bookstore to find game development book to understand deeper how the process are being done. [caption id="attachment_3276" align="alignnone" width="540"] Some of the visitors. Trying on our latest game.[/caption] Generally, we really can see here is how the market transition at TGS. We understood consoles games has been dominated the show for a long time, but now we can see how games get transformed into free-to-play game with micro transactions build-in. This kind of games was already in Japanese market with feature phone. However, with the boost from smartphone segment (iOS + Android) make this kind of game getting into the mainstream. It's also the time for us to shine as well, because we made free to games as well ;)

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