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— posted on March 17, 2015 12:22 PM

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    What kind of musics that can assist you to be on top or best out of you while working on codes or designing?
    That was the question me popped out to my colleagues during our lunch time last week. And to my surprise they can't really gives a definite answer. As we know, everyone have their own preferences or tastes in musics. With ever growing genres and new acts coming out on the music scene, it's really up to the individual. According to a topic in quora: Read Quote of Ian Sawyer's answer to Does listening to music while programming really increase a programmer's performance? on Quora So it means listening to music doesn't necessary increase programmers or designers performance but let's just read what my colleague thought about their music of choice while working on stuff. under-beasty The Fadli (programmer, thirty something) Music of Choice: Various Japanese Idol songs from various Japanese Idols, to name a few: YUMENO UKIYONI SAITEMINA, Momoiro Clover Z/ KISS. Onedari DaiSakusen, Babymetal. Rashikunai, NMB48. Seven Principles of Deathrabbits Army, Deathrabbits. Why: I choose something that I don't understand in term of the lyrics so that I don't think or focus on the song (as long it doesn't disturbing). But nowadays even Japanese songs I could catch some words and sing along at some point LOL. And I choose something happy and cheerful songs which most of Japanese Idol's songs are. Those kind of songs open my third brain that unlocked various solutions to current coding problem I have. :P If I'm into very serious mode, J-Rock or J-Metal like Scandal, Babymetal and Deathrabbits are my favourites, not that emo type though, if you listen to those Bands/Artists I mentioned above then you know what I mean. ^__^ You can take a look at my playlist here. (Me: I think that's the reason we have a very polished game in Darkness Fallen.) Mr Boss (Boss, young) Music of Choice: I don't have sophisticated music taste. Any top40 is fine. :) (Me: You the boss.) b0172008_1301271 Master Edo (designer, hot 20) Music of Choice: "Apartment Story" by The National. "Bambi" by Tokyo Police Club. "Lakehouse" by Of Monster and Men. "I Don't Bite" by We Are Scientists. "A Better Son/Daughter" by Rilo Kiley. Why: The playlist is ranging from minimalist to indie rock song. Its upbeat & ebullient sound, soothing soundscape, punchy riff, surely helps for me to boost my mood. (Me: Soothing. That's the keyword right? You can find some of his (video) work on our youtube channel. And you will know why.) Arif (programmer, freshie) Music of Choice: An example maybe Cross My Mind by Twin Forks or Everything by Michael Bublé Why: Any fun and cheerful song will do. For me programming involves so much thinking of problem solving, and it tends to lead to stress, I would listen to  song or songs that motivative me and won't make my stress level goes high to the sky, HaHa. Interesting enough, I will try to avoid slow songs as it always make my brain solve problems slower, but it is the fact that slow songs like jazz genre are among my fav. Whereas a head-banging songs will make me stress. I dont think any particular kind of music would inspire me into writing better codes, just melody do make a difference in my emotions, and that usually lead to better brain output. Ilhami (programmer, wise guy) Music of Choice: I am not sure of my own preference on music . I just hear whatever is aired on the radio. Why: For the most parts (music) to me is just to pass the time or to break from full concentration. When I really do concentrate on programming, I no longer can "hear" the songs. The next thing I know few songs have already passed. Though for some reasons the speed I punch the keys on the keyboard are in sync with the song's beats. (Me: Finally, an odd one but with good explanations.) 120828-deadmau5 Hendra (programmer, twenty something) Music of Choice: Now playing: Professional Griefers - Deadmau5 Why: Nothing specific, whatever playlist Spotify is featuring at the moment. Mostly EDMs or other loud musics that can drown out the noises and distractions. (Me: Another 'tak kisah' guy like the boss and Ilham.) Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 3.24.48 PM Last but not least, Faiz (programmer, young at heart) Music of Choice: (As in image above) My last month last.fm top tracks. Basically, I don't really have any specific genre that I love the most. KISS 'layan', Alleycats 'pun layan'. Why: When programming, I usually fired up Spotify, shuffle my playlists, and set the music to be loud enough to let me drown in my own thoughts. You can follow me (him) on Spotify if you want to. ;) (Me: We should gather every programmers/designers that we know and create one cool playlist for all to share, right? Are you with me?) As a conclusion, I find it rather amusing, reading (and listening to) all the musics preferred by my colleague. I'm an easy going person, more like Hendra or Ilhami, didn't really care about me listening while working but when I'm not, well, that's another story. It's subjective right? Music preferences, I mean, I know a colleague who love to listen to stuff in the mould of Mozart and Beethoven (and loud) while doing his task and he turns out to be a real gem in his job. So, what you're currently listening to, anyway?

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