INPAGo Mobile Application (iOS)


A mobile application that enables and facilitates national parks-hopping experience through personalized itinerary & booking of activities


Android, iOS


UI, UX, Strategy

Integrated National Parks App (INPAGo) Mobile App, aimed at helping travellers to get better information & promotions of Malaysian National Parks. Perfect for organizing traveller’s itineraries, INPAGo not only plans out the day-to-day activities but also lets traveller book hotels or inns, plan the meals, select the mode of transportation and plan any hustle-bustle along the way. It is especially useful for finding interesting, daring, and off-the-beaten-path experiences. INPAGo also serves as a hub of crowdsourced contributions from other travellers. Users can choose their own travel guide that helps to keep track of trips, reservations, points of interest, tourist attractions and other relevant information.

INPAGo Mobile Application (iOS Mockup)

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